ML Electronique has more than 20 years experience in Car Park equipments & Integrated Systems, and real-time visual information systems.

Our "reactive & flexible" mind is specially oriented to Car Park Operators and Shopping Malls competitive solutions.

Famous for its long-term proven reliability and highest visibility, our Dynamic Guidance System is unique: it manages and count on our graphic displays each different type of car park spaces, for a perfect guidance of all visitors profiles (handicapped, family, electric vehicles, season card, etc…).

It is also a powerful tool for the Management, as it gives detailed information & statistics about the visitors' affluence, their staying, profile, the status of each parking zone, etc...

We can adapt our equipment's esthetics to the highest architecture requirements, and also integrate your site's corporate image.

Our Systems are open to be integrated, on-line, with any "Building Central Management System" (lighting, ventilation, security, video, sound,…), to grant the maximum services for users while saving energy & operational costs.

Working all over Europe, we look forward to sharing our expertise with you as a partner, to analyze your projects of new car parks & renovations.